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'38 VERY IMPORTANT REASONS' to hire an experienced Event Planner for your event!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Organising a successful event, be it your Wedding, your annual office Christmas party or your brand launch has multiple moving parts (38 the last time we counted ๐Ÿ˜‡) that need to be properly planned, budgeted, coordinated, and then executed in order to deliver a successful and stress-free event. Some adventure seekers choose to roll up their sleeves and take on the arduous task of organising their event from scratch and in the process make expensive and avoidable mistakes while majority of the others, prefer to use the experience, relations, and resources of Event Planners to make their Event a grand success.

We have put together a 'Briitboys Successful Event Checklist' that will help you better understand the multiple steps, processes, and challenges involved in getting you your money's worth and ensuring that you have a super successful and memorable event that all your friends, family, guests and you would look back with awe and happiness.

'Briitboys Successful Event Checklist'

Below are 38 reasons why it's essential to use an experienced Event Planner who knows what it takes to deliver a successful Event for you!

Venue - Sorting the correct venue is easily the most difficult and expensive decision that can make or break an Event, both on the budget and the experience front. It's absolutely critical to get the venue correct and use the relations, experiences, and venue knowledge of your Event Planner to source the correct Venue at the right price.

Catering - Today we have a large variety of cuisine choices at our fingertips, which makes taking the proper decision rather difficult. An Event may need 2, 3, or more cuisines spread across different stages, and therefore, it's important that proper catering partners are selected who know their food well and have the capability to cater delicious and allergy-controlled food to hundreds or thousands of guests. This is where your Event Planner can really help open their Black Book and arrange caterers who can deliver the best quality food at prices that won't eat into your pocket.

Alcohol- In all events, be it a Wedding or a Private Party, or a Corporate event, alcohol is needed and in reasonably large quantities. For exclusive events that are of a certain size, your Event Planner can probably help you source decent alcohol brands at cost-effective prices which would most definitely help control your budget. Also, experienced Event Planners put in controls to save/reduce alcohol pilferage at the Event and save you loads of money.

Theming - All events need to be themed properly to deliver the best experience and feel for your guests when they arrive at your Event. Theming includes detailed research, coordination, creativity, and hours of planning to design themes, ideas, and concepts that would add the WOW factor to your Event.

Decor- When you enter an Event, everything that you see, smell, feel and experience from the flower decorations, to the colourful props to the draping, needs to be designed by your Event Planner. Creating the correct ambience with the use of colours, materials, texture, and smells is an art that only experienced Event Planners and their teams/partners can properly deliver.

Lighting - Another very critical element for making an Event look super good, is the use of lights to strategically enhance the venue, the mood, and the ambience. How many up-lighters, wall washers, indoor lights, strobes, fairy lights, LED Candles, etc are needed inside the venue requires a knowledgeable Event Planner who has designed ambience and mood lighting hundreds of times.

Production - Creating a stage for your Event or installing a heated water-proof marquee during the winters for your guests, or installing a temporary deck/platform or even a bespoke grand Bar or DJ booth, needs experienced and licensed production crews that will install safe and solid structures that will not fail during the Event.

Entertainment Acts - While many entertainment acts are available online, for a dime a dozen, it's important to source acts that are trusted and come recommended. Be it Celebrity Singers, Acts, Bands, Magicians, Acrobatic Performances, etc, your trusted and experienced Event Planner will be able to help deliver the entertainment that will super rock your Event.

Sound - If you hire a good DJ or a lovely Jazz band for your Event but fail to plan the desired sound needed to rock the party, the Event can and will fail to make the desired outcome is needed. Sound planning involves a lot of technical know-how that experienced Event Planners can certainly help with.

DJ & Music - As with most elements, getting the right DJ to play the correct music for your Event is critical. Different events need different styles of music. Most experienced and reputed Event Planners have worked with and collaborated with many awesome DJs and would be able to advise which DJ would work the best for which type of Event.

Hi-tech Visual Elements - Most events such as Weddings, Receptions, Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Birthday Celebrations, etc focus heavily on visuals. It is very important to ensure that the quality of video and graphics displayed for the audience, deliver the high visual impact that is needed. Event Planners and their team of AV engineers, help plan, install and create the magic needed.

Pyrotechnics - Some Events need technical use of pyrotechnics, smoke machines, fire elements, and celebratory fireworks for creating the desired look and effect. This needs the use of licensed technicians who are experienced and qualified to safely deliver what we want. Event Planners who have worked with such qualified and accredited technicians in the past, are essential to supervise, guide, and eventually deliver what is expected from such visual effects in a safe and secure manner.

Props & Fillers - In addition to the larger elements that make an Event look good, there are smaller yet essential Props and Fillers that should be used to create the desired buzz at the Event. Props like Cut-Outs, Photo Booths, Swings, Carts, Ice Sculptures, Flower or Graphic Walls, etc add to the ambience and create excellent photo-ops for your guests to upload on their social media handles.

Customised Branding- At most Events, clients need their corporate or personalised branding to be displayed aesthetically. Event Planners who have a macro view of the Event, are better placed to help plan and incorporate such customized branding assets within the Event space while ensuring that it looks awesome and doesn't look forced or out of place!

Customised Signages - Using personalised event signages to showcase the name of an event, directions to event locations like Dinner, Bar, Toilets, etc or telling your story at your Wedding, adds atmosphere to special occasions. Working with Event Managers who can help you create these amazing bespoke signages, is another reason why you wanna work with the best Event planning team.

Personalised Communication - Sending personalised Invitation Cards or Videos for your Wedding or Celebration, Save the Date cards, Thank You Cards, etc adds that magical touch to your event. Always ensure, that each bit of communication for an event follows your bespoke special theme and design so that the invitees can notice the efforts and thinking that your Event Planner and you have put in.

Favours & Personalised Gifts - Favours are one of the lesser talked about parts of wedding planning, and can easily be overlooked or disregarded as unimportant. But handing out favours is a lovely gesture for your guests, and a well-known tradition that can help to elevate the tone of your celebration.

Staffing - All Events, big or small, need temp staffing such as Hostesses, Champagne & Shot gIrls, Cigar Ladies, Flair Bartenders, etc for welcoming, serving, waiting, and bartending. Event Planners who work with many staffing companies will help arrange experienced & trained Covid safe staffing and stewarding from 5 to 500+ numbers, for the Event.

Travel Arrangements - Event Planners can help you with your Air & Ground travel and logistics arrangements, including arranging your Wedding Car. It's very important to book travel for your guests, family and yourselves from ATOL-protected partners who can adequately provide you with the insurance and protection needed to safeguard your costs.

Activities - Think out of the box when planning fun-filled activities for entertaining & engaging your guests at your destination Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary celebrations. From adrenalin-filled water-sport activities, to a game of croquet or organising a caricaturist or face painter to interact with your guests, or having a small petting zoo for the young ones, is a great way to get people to talk, share and enjoy your festivities. Speak to your Event Planner who would be well equipped to present multiple options to have fun at your event.

Cakes - Choosing the perfect cake for your wedding, anniversary or product launch is easier said than done. Finding the right combination of delicious flavors and stunning design is one of the most important parts of ensuring your cake is a centerpiece to remember for years to come. Also very importantly, you need to plan the logistics along with your Event Planner and decide how would the cake be delivered to the event venue in a perfect condition where the flavours, design, and texture of the cake are preserved properly.

Occasional Furniture Hire - Be it a Wedding in the countryside or a private party at your house and gardens, you will need superior quality occasional furniture ie dinner tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, poiser tables, etc to be systematically placed in your event for your guests to sit and eat on. You can add something vintage, cutting edge with LED, or hand-crafted to bring the oomph factor to your event.

Catering & Kitchen Equipment Hire - For your event, you will need freezing, washing, storing, heating, cooking & service equipment like Fridge, Freezers, Cookware, Grills, Ovens, Utensils, Chafing dishes, Saucepans, Trays, etc. Best to use recommended and reputed suppliers who have worked with your Event Planners earlier.

Cutlery, Crockery & Linen - For your meals, you can choose from bespoke, luxury or traditional crockery, cutlery & linen to liven the experience of the diner. While this may appear as a small item in the scheme of bigger things, untidy or dirty linen and chipped/faded crockery will surely make the whole meal very unappetizing.

Photographer & Videographer -Hiring an experienced professional photographer & videographer for your event, is one of the MOST important and critical elements that simply cannot be overlooked. Event Planners know and work with photographers all the time, and are best suited to advise and connect you with the best photographers and videographers in the business. A professional photographer doesn't only add to the fun element by capturing candid pictures and moments of the Wedding or Party from the ground and sky through drone technology, but also helps create life-long memories that can be seen, shared, and revisited from time to time.

Registrar, Priest, Celebrant / Officiant - Depending on your religion and/or beliefs, you may choose to hire one of the above for your Wedding. Every Country has different requirements but most of countries, need the couple to officially register their marriage with a Government approved and licensed registrar. When in doubt, best speak to your Event Planner for guidance and advice.

Mobile / Portable Loos for Outdoor Events - When planning an event, you need to plan for sufficient and hygienic mobile/portable toilets for the guests to use. You also need to cater for cleaning staff and replenishments to ensure that the facilities are always well maintained and does not raise a stink.

Secured Parking with licensed staff - When planning an event, you need to be mindful of the parking requirements on the day of the event. If there is sufficient on-site parking available, great; and if not, then alternative secure parking arrangements have to be made. You will also need to hire licensed Valet Drivers and Traffic Marshals to park, retrieve and manage the traffic coordination on-site.

Licenses and Permissions - Depending on the Country, and the type of venue where the event is being planned ie outdoors, hotel, beach, private home, park, etc, there are multiple licenses. and permissions that are needed. Generally, the legal requirements for most events depend on the type of venue, nature of event, and the activities taking place. Broadly legal requirements will fit into the following categories - Licensing Law, Health & Safety Law, Environmental Law, Food & Hygiene Law, and Copyright Law. Your Event Planner will guide and help secure the licenses and permissions for your event.

Security & Safety - Again depending on the location and type of event, you will need to organise trained, experienced and SIA licensed Security Officers to manage the security and safety of the event. For larger events, you may also need to consider additional licensed staff for managing crowd control, screening bags, checking tickets, managing traffic, disaster management, emergency evacuation, and securing VIP's.

Post-event Cleaning Services - Having to deal with the clean-up and trash collection after a huge event can be very stressful. Any event's success depends on how well it manages its waste. You need to consult your Event Planner and choose a tried and tested cleaning partner who understands what it takes. Any event should have a good waste management plan.

Social Media & PR Marketing Support - Some expert Event Planners can assist with Social Media Marketing on Instagram, Twitter & TikTok through specialist partners that they frequently use. Further, Event Planners can also provide Public Relation support if needed for marketing the event. Working with experienced Event Planners helps you dig into their relations and knowledge base.

Event Insurance - Events are rather expensive to plan and execute, and therefore it's always advisable to take an Event Insurance Cover for unplanned contingencies. With any event or occasion, there are so many elements to consider, and given the importance of each and every event, they all have to be executed to perfection. There are many insurance covers to choose from and when in doubt, consult your Event Planner for their advice and recommendation.

Managing multiple Vendors, Suppliers & Hired Staff- One of the most important and critical reasons to choose an experienced, reliable, and proactive Event Management Company / Event Planner is their ability to seamlessly manage all the suppliers, vendors, and their crew/team members and ensure that everything is coordinated properly and on schedule as per the final event plan. Handling tens or hundreds of people and getting the event executed efficiently, is an art & skill that Event Planners have mastered.

Event Budgeting & Cost Control - Preparing a detailed event budget with all cost elements factored accurately needs a lot of time and effort. More importantly, ensuring that the costs are kept within the agreed budget, is critical to the success of the event. Further, because of the relationship that Event Planners have with suppliers and vendors, they are at times able to negotiate a better deal with better prices as well. This is what Event Planners and Managers do. They act as your eyes and ears in containing your costs!

Effective Cash Flow Management - Event Planners coordinate extensively with multiple suppliers and their clients to ensure that there is effective cash flow management in place. It's absolutely critical to make sure all vendors, suppliers, partners, and team members are paid well in time and most certainly well before the event. The Event Planner also manages all billing and payments for the clients and essentially takes away all the headaches associated with backend documentation, invoicing, payments and accounts.

Single Point of Contact - The Event Planner remains the 'Single Point of Contact (SPOC). for the Client. This enables the client to use their time better, and enjoy their celebrations rather than bothering about multiple vendors, suppliers, people, and departments involved. The buck stops on the Event Planner!

General Insurance - Reputed Event Planners will have an existing business and liability insurance cover in place that they can additionally offer as an added protection to their clients. Always advisable to work with an Event Management Company that provides additional insurance.

This article has been prepared with input from industry and event planners who have dealt with hundreds of satisfied clients in the past. If you are planning to throw an event, and need guidance or assistance, call BRIITBOYS at +44 207 760 7680, write to us on or simply click the button below to contact us! Thanks for reading ๐Ÿคฉ

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