24th November 2021
Central London

Statistics reveal, that over 51% of the populace in London are single and ready to mingle💛. Majority of the singletons in London,  use online dating Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Grindr & Facebook to try and make genuine connections with their prospective soul-mates, but sadly fail.  Without actually seeing or meeting each other, many fall prey to 'Catfishes' and 'Players' who inadvertently break their heart. Most of these singles we spoke to, said that they would love to physically meet other like-minded singles in a safe & happy environment, with a view to interact and know more about them.  To address this gap and to enable singles to meet up, we have launched WedFest, London's exclusive Wedding Fest🥂 

Image by Jonathan Borba

the event

WedFest Logo
Happy Weddings by Briitboys


WedFest, is an experience that allows singles to meet other singles in a safe & secured venue in London. Interact, chat, get to know each other & just have fun. Everyone at the fest, is vetted and there with the aim to get hitched! Our friendly team members will be there at hand, to help get introductions done and help you mingle with other singles.

cost & timings

The price to enter WedFest and meet other like-minded singles is only £29. This includes entry into our Central London venue, your access e-ticket / band, 2 alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks (beer, vodka or whisky - 25 ml, juice, sodas) and a permanent place in Pink Book & mailing list.


The event starts at 1800hrs and ends at 2300 hrs 



Without completing the entry form & registering for WedFest no one is allowed entry.  This is to ensure that only genuine singles who are looking at getting married, attend this event. 

Please click below to register for the event. If you have any doubts, please check out our FAQ section or contact us via chat or email or a call. Cheers!  


Mingle with other like-minded singles to get hitched!
24 Nov, 18:00 – 22:30 GMT
Central London